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APM PFQ: Project Fundamentals Qualification

This programme is intended to help and guide you through some early principles in project management, and is aimed at helping you start your developmental steps for a progressive career in the field of project management.

In 2004 The Association for Project Management (APM) worked with the UK's Department for Education and Skills to develop the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) which offers an insight into this exciting and challenging discipline.

No prior knowledge or experience in project management is required for this certificate. It is designed for anyone looking to start a successful career in project management or those wanting to understand the principles of project management excellence.

The 20|20 course in project management fundamentals is a helpful guide to project management and follows a proven study guide that will support readers wishing to undertake the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ). 

The course is designed to be used in a modular fashion. Users can refer to the syllabus and match each chapter to the sequence presented in the syllabus. They can also follow it from start to finish and begin to experience the dynamics of a real world project.

Embedded in every module is a set of reflective questions to help readers link the theory with their own experience and linking to the key learning objectives in the syllabus. Follow the path of the modules provided below. It is recommended to follow them in order, with a quiz to test your knowledge at the end of each - however, you can also select the modules at random in relation to your specific area of interest. Good luck. We hope you enjoy the course.